Choosing the best kitten for your family

Q: The Internet is advertising for kittens. Where should I buy my new kitten?
A: Ideally, when you want to buy your new kitten with pedigree, you have to do it directly from the breeder. Of course, this could be through the Internet.

Q: How old is my kitten when I bought her?
A: Most growers will grow kittens until they have reached 3-4 months. This is when they are more socialized. Kittens are socializing more slowly than puppies and they need a mother and their peers. Some varieties develop a little faster than others, but are usually 3-4 months.

Q: What do I need to know to determine if a good breeder?
A: How long did you do with cat breeding? Do cats participate in exhibitions? Do their cats have any titles? What varieties do they work with? so that growers can also be the ones who do not go to exhibitions all the time, the main thing is to cultivate the breed and find out if it is not a business for selling cats.

Q: Do I have to go to the breeder’s house to see the kittens? And what should I look for when I get there to make sure the kittens are healthy?
A: Today’s environment has changed a lot, and many growers hesitate to come home. Also, because of the Internet, more and more people are buying kittens from more distant places, so it may not be possible to go to the breeder’s home.
But if you can, you should look for a clean house and take good care of the cats. They should not look sick. There may be a smell, because if you have a lot of cats in the kennel, and if there are adult cats that mark the area, there may be a specific home smell.

Q: Will most breeders give me a health guarantee and agree to return to the cat if I can’t keep it?
A: Most growers will give you a health guarantee. And most will gladly take the cat back, rather than returning the cat, or worse, in the shelter if nothing happens.

Q: The breeder asks me a lot of questions. Why do they want to know all this information? Don’t they just want to sell kittens?
A: The more the breeder asks the buyer, the better. They should know if there are other animals in the household, whether there are children, whether you have a home or an apartment. It shows that they are concerned about what kind of home their kitten is going to get. They want to be sure it goes to a good home and family. This will reduce the chances of a kitten returning. For many good growers, returning a kitten is like giving a child back.
If the breeder does not ask any questions, they just want to make a quick sale, I would go away from this breeder.