Dear cat lovers and owners!
The board of the cat lovers club “Mooncat” invites to the International Dog Show on April 20-21, 2019 in Riga, at the Skonto Hall, Emīla Melngaiļa Street 1a. License # 194069.

WCF International Judges Invited:
Thomas Andersen, Denmark (AB, WCF)
Elena Butomova, Russia (AB, WCF)
Tatyana Komarova, Russia (AB, WCF)
Aija Nuke, Latvia (AB, WCF)
Daniel Counasse, Belgium (AB, WCF)

If your cat has a vet certificate issued outside the European Union (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.), it must be accompanied by a Veterinary Certificate issued for crossing the border and valid for only 120 days. After that, the cat has to take a fresh look at the European vet.pas or if it does not, the cat can only stay at home. In case of uncertainty, consult Irena Krēsle t.29511507

Exhibition program
20-21 April 2019
07.30-10.00 Veterinary control, registration and correction
10.00-10.30 Installation
10.30-17.00 Expertise
17.00-17.30 Compilation of judges’ judgments
17.30-18.30 Best of Best, Best General, Best Supreme (Sunday)
18.30 Closing of the exhibition

WCF Rings
20.04.2019 – First Arena
12.00 Kitten Ring (no 3-10mēn.) – Daniel Counasse
13.00 Adult Ring – Thomas Andersen
16.00 Neuter Ring – Tatjana Komarova
20.04.2019 – Second Arena
12.00 BUR (Fun Show) – Aija Nuke
13.00 KBS, KBL (Fun Show) – Elena Butomova
16.00 BRI (Fun Show) – Daniel Counasse
21.04.2019 – First Arena
12.00 Kitten Ring (no 3-10 mēn.) – Thomas Andersen
13.00 Adult Ring – Daniel Counasse
15.30 Neuter Ring – Aija Nuke
21.04.2019 – Second Arena
12.00 BEN (Fun Show) – Tatjana Komarova
13.00 SFS, SFL, SFS71, SFL71 (Fun Show) – Elena Butomova
15.30 MCO (Fun Show) – Thomas Andersen

Applications for the exhibition are already accepted by sending applications from Top-Cat or from our club’s website until April 15, 2019. Two cat examinations cost 50 EUR, one Rings, Fun Show each
cost 15 EUR. Payment for all applied for exhibition until April 15th. Cats that will not be paid for by the deadline will be removed from the catalog and will not participate in the show as well as in the Ring and Show.

Cats are asked to display our club’s free cages.

Details for transfer:
Reg.No. 40008000795
JSC Citadele banka,
Code: PARXLV22
Account: LV52 PARX 0000 4761 4101 7

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