Diamond Shade caterry

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Our British cats are reared as family members enjoying everything that a child of every...

Play and recreation

Cats are provided with not only healthy food and recreation, but also a large playground...

Food and health

Professional cat food and timely medical examinations are always provided. Health is always the first...

About Us

We are a cat breeder located in Liepaja. We breed British shorthair cats with silver-colored emerald green eyes. It is our great hobby, and we give it a lot of love and passion. Our cattery is a registered WCF. Cats and kittens are visiting Cats Shows and are titled. Our...

Founder and development

You have to love to buy a kitten

Questions and answers

Choosing the best kitten for your family Q: The Internet is advertising for kittens. Where should I buy my new kitten? A: Ideally, when you...

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Caterry Diamond Shade

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    Tel: 23006040, e-pasts: jesica7@inbox.lv